Alvaro Aguirre

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Chord of the Day

I started this little project as a way to create a habit of exploring new sounds and getting out of my comfort zone in guitar playing. The Chord of the Day project sends a daily email with a randomly generated chord. Sometimes you might receive beginner chords, like a simple C major, and other times you might get something more complicated, like a D#m6add9. There are over 50 different types of chords, for 12 roots notes, so more than 600 different chords!

If you want a brief introduction to how chords are constructed, and how the code works, you can check out this blog entry. I have also written down a simple chart to help you identify the notes on the fretboard based on their position and build the chords. You can find it here.

Each email includes the name of the chord, what positions of the major scale construct the chord, a reminder of what is the major scale for that particular root note, and the specific notes that compose the chord. This project is at an early development stage, so I expect to add msore features, including suggested chord diagrams (remember there are many ways to play the same chord!).

Also, I have implemented a Twitter bot that daily shares the same chord that is sent by email. You can give it a follow here.

To subscribe, please follow the instructions below.

If you have some feedback or ideas, I would love to hear them. You can send me an email to