Alvaro Aguirre

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Welcome to my personal webpage. Here you will find information about me, what I am up to, the projects I have worked on, and things I am passionate about.

Who am I, what am I up to, and what have I done before

I am Alvaro. I like data, technology, specialty coffee, film photography, and playing the guitar.

Deployment Strategist at Palantir Technologies in London, using data to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. I believe thinking critically about data does only give you answers, but more importantly, it allows you to ask the right questions. I think of myself as someone who has one foot in the data/technical world, and another in the business world.

I’ve had the chance of doing several different things through my career. I previously led an analytics vertical at a global food delivery player, responsible of a stream that accounted for over 20M yearly orders and half a billion euros in revenue. I also worked at another major tech company using data to help indie authors make a living out of writing, and developing fraud detection models that saved millions every month. I spent some time working in strategy consulting at one of the top firms, where I had the great opportunity of exploring different industries and project types, from leading smallholder-farming mechanization projects for in East Africa, to performing analytical customer segmentation for a European retail brand. And finally, as a quant in a financial research center, where I worked with academics and hedge funds in building trading algorithms and financial engineering projects for asset pricing simulating stochastic differential equations.

I received a Masters Degree in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics with Distinction from the London School of Economics (more info here), with a full scholarship from the Fundación Ramón Areces. Previously, I earned a BSc in Economics from the Universdad Carlos III de Madrid, graduating summa cum laude. I also spent a year as a visiting student at UC Berkeley.

Most of my work is in R, but some other projects involved using Python, Julia, and MATLAB. Here you will find a VOX EU article I wrote with Jon Danielsson on the comparison of these four languages for economic research (Most read VOX EU piece for a month after its publication).

You can get my CV here.

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